Rock Splitting and Other Water Sources

Rock Splitting and Other Water Sources

An amazing thing just happened yesterday. One of my colleagues at work referred to me as having a “green thumb”….!!!!  This is a laughable comment, since my last little succulent languishes in its pebbled rock pot. It is right next to its neighbor, one of several that have recently gone to that great compost pile in the sky. Yes, succulents, those plants that seemingly live on air and dust.

My house = withered.

An incredible comment indeed, especially considering my history. Just ask Bob, my husband of almost forty years, since he is the one well acquainted with my growing prowess and knows how well I keep things watered, including the hardwood flooring in the living room.

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So when he was looking out of the window about a decade ago and saw me ripping up a small patch of ground in the back yard, his natural inclination was to put a halt to my “new vision”. Wisely, however, he thought to himself, “She’s having fun, leave her alone.” Somehow, I don’t think those words actually originated with him.

That is not to say I haven’t had plenty of “learning experiences” along the way. I have had lots of messes with all the ripping and tearing of new ground, rearranging, plowing up and laying out new dirt. Sweat, bruises, and even a little blood.

And today, TA-DA:

The point is that God can do even more than turning a brown thumb into a green thumb. Much more.

“He split open a rock, and water gushed out to form a river through the dry wasteland.”

God didn’t chisel at the rock; He split it. Water didn’t trickle out; it gushed. The gushing water didn’t form a pool to stagnate in one place; it formed a flowing river to effect other places. The “other places” included giving life to a dry wasteland.

Not that He always chooses to work with such eye-popping splendor. The Almighty God can chisel away if He wants to. But He knows where there is water being dammed up behind stubborn rock, water that is desperately needed for a dry wasteland. Because His precious ones are dying of thirst. His enemy really enjoys that, by the way.

Nevertheless, my God specializes in rocks. That’s why I have no intimidation by my failures…or anyone else’s. Sometimes His striking to split me open is for the very purpose of removing the rocky places in my past interpretations. Removing present experiences and future fears. He knows, despite all my rockiness, there is water in me that is needed—desperately.

I also need not fear the bleeding, bruising process. Sure, it hurts, but only for a little while. God knows what He’s doing, and that it’s not merely for my benefit. Today, as Bob enjoys the homegrown tomatoes and fresh herbs in his dinner, he’s actually quite glad for the mess I started in the back yard.  In the end, I’ll be thankful for the “mess” God stirs up in my life as well.

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

Written by Dawn Jones

Humor and humility have a way of making us more permeable to God's Spirit, and if we "see" it correctly, there's plenty of humor in our humility! Personally, He helps me to "see" through analogies, tangible realities expressing intangible truth. It's a beautiful way of relating, or maybe it's just because of my thick skull, (there's that humility part again...)

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  1. Awesome story! Very cool analogy 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I’m sure you’ll be thankful for “the mess” that God has brought you through! I’ve certainly been through some stuff too! Thanks again

  2. I loved this post probably because God split me this week on a trip across the sea. Amazing, tears in my eyes, joy in my heart, amazing.

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