Should Christians be Concerned with Career Progression?

Career progression matters. Ask Forbes: an analysis of salary showed that workers staying at one company will earn 50% less over a lifetime.

Should Christians be Concerned with Career Progression

Career progression matters, and if we don’t think so, we just need to ask the people at Forbes. A few years ago, they analyzed salary increases that showed that workers who stayed at one company for more than two years, on average, will earn 50% less over a lifetime than workers who made strategic moves into different companies.

That’s a big deal if we think about it. Let’s say Bob and Dave both started work at ABC Company 10 years ago in similar job roles earning $20,000. Essentially, Forbes is saying that Bob, who has stayed at ABC Company for ten years, will make 50% less money than Dave, who has moved around significantly during that same time frame. In this case, Bob now earns $40,000, and Dave now earns $80,000. Both gentlemen are hopefully content in their careers, but imagine how much Christ-centered financial impact Dave can have due to him fully participating in the gifts that God gave him.

As Christians and Jesus followers, we have to ask ourselves why we aren’t continually motivated to have healthier progress in our careers. Sure, there may be valid reasons sometimes to stay in a specific pay grade for a season (sick parent, spouse in the military, etc.). However, being underpaid forever should never be our goal. We are called to be stewards with God’s blessings, and we are called to align our hearts with the Lord.

Matthew 6:21 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (ESV)

So if we have the talent to earn six figures, why not go earn six figures? Why make excuses for settling with what we currently earn? If God gives us talent, we need to steward that talent to the best of our ability. We need to do this not only for our own enjoyment, but we need to do this for our local churches, for the widows, for the orphans, and for the foreigner.

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For example, how often have we seen friends who want to adopt but they just don’t have the money to do so internationally? If we have been diligent with our careers and our salaries, we can give a substantial gift to our friends for their selfless act. However, if we have not been diligent, we may want to help, but we don’t have the financial resources to do so.

That’s the risk we take when we think it’s okay for our careers to plateau. When we settle for average or “what we’ve always had,” we miss out on so many¬†opportunities to participate with God in blessing our local communities and our world.

Question from Ben Baxter, the author.

What do you think about Christians concerning themselves with career progression?

Written by Ben Baxter

My name is Ben Baxter. I am a husband, father, elder, engineer, and financial coach hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am a regular contributor of personal finance and career development topics for The Birmingham News / I am also the owner/editor of the multi-authored blog, Baxter & Friends.

2 thoughts on “Should Christians be Concerned with Career Progression?

  1. God doesn’t only provide us with talents and gifts within the church and community walls. “If God gives us talent, we need to steward that talent to the best of our ability.” We have been educated and given skillets for professional areas our lives as well and we must be diligent with them. Great post!

  2. First off, this may be my favorite I’ve ever read of yours, Ben! Great work on this. This really got me thinking about a few things that I won’t get into detail about on this comment. Anyway, there certainly is some sort of balance with loyalty and even calling in certain positions, but at the same time, if I’m (example) a Christian who is called to the business world to help others financially, the more I make the more I can help others…

    Good stuff man. I greatly appreciate this word today!

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