Sing Until the Whole World Hears You and Responds

It’s amazing to me how a room full of a bunch of terrible, untrained singers who would never get an award for their voice can sound so good.

Sing Until the Whole World Hears You and Responds

Have you ever been at a concert, or in a church service and didn’t sing just to listen to the crowd around you? All of the hundreds or thousands of voices singing together in unison. Singing as one voice. It’s amazing to me how a room full of terrible, untrained singers, who would never get an award for their voice, sound so good.

Don’t get me wrong there are pockets of amazing singers scattered throughout the crowd. But we’ve all been by that person singing their heart and your ear drums out. Though, somehow, it all sounds so beautiful singing together.

It’s mesmerizing.

We all recognize the power of a gathering where we all sing these songs out. We sing them out to a band or out to God. All of this done while standing next to others. Side by side with friends, family, and strangers. It makes you wonder why we ever thought or how we ever came to think our relationship was personal with God. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very personal thing to know Jesus and believe he is the son of God, but your life, your day to day.

Worship is very public.

We are all singing song to him with our lives. A song to God for the world to hear and for God to adore. Hurricanes have battered the United States in the past few weeks. People have found themselves out of homes, lost, broken and without hope. What’s been beautiful to watch is the church coming together across the country to sing a song together to the nation. A song of hope and of a future.

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Churches in neighboring states are leaning into the pain and asking how can we help? The church is responding the same way Jesus responded to us, “Ask and it will be given to you”. It’s a beautiful thing to see the church in action outside of a Sunday service.

Believers are being bold.

They’re laying hands on strangers and praying for healing. They’re hugging random people and crying with those whom they’ve never met. No expectations behind the actions. It’s almost as if you can hear the song being sung by everyone as they pick up a limb out of a yard, repair a broken roof, deliver food to the hungry and rescue the distraught. If you ever stop to listen to the singing of a song, you will find that often the song is so beautiful you don’t want it to end. The amazing thing is, it doesn’t have to.

In what could be a few weeks or months, things will slowly return to normal. The hurricanes Harvey and Irma will be a distant memory of that time where things were rough. The song of our actions will slowly fade as we fade back into status quo. But I want to challenge everyone, don’t let it stop here.

If the amazing grace that saves you is really such a sweet sound, then sing it to the world.

That person at the register as your checking out, she needs to hear your voice. The guy who just lost his parents needs to hear the song. The kid who’s parents are going through a divorce needs to hear of a renewed love. There’s a world out there that needs us far more than a few times a year. They want to be invited into your life, not into your church. They want to hear your heart, not your favorite podcast. There’s plenty of people lost and blind every day and everywhere you look. They need to hear and experience this amazing grace. Singing about grace which heals the blind and finds the lost is incredibly poetic.

My prayer is that it can be incredibly prophetic. You are the hands and feet of Jesus. There is nothing beyond faith. Continue to stay steadfast in praying for one another because as scripture tells us:

Love covers a multitude of sins and continue to sing, the world needs to hear your voice.

Question from Sean Kernohan, the author.

How are you sharing Jesus with the world today?

Written by Sean Kernohan

I am married and have a beautiful daughter. We live in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm a huge fan of wrestling, soccer and MMA. I am incredibly passionate about teaching and seeing people connect with God in a way they haven't before.

3 thoughts on “Sing Until the Whole World Hears You and Responds

  1. So legit Sean… Seriously amazing! I love the perspective you bring in this post to what’s happening in the world around me.

    P.S. I’m one of those few voices that could win some sort of award. (Kidding)

  2. ok Sean, I see you talking to me. Lol. The amount of worship and praise we do both in and outside of church moves mountains!! I can’t tell you how many times I have completely falling apart in my car worshipping so hard I have to pull it together to go to work, or to even walk into church. There is something magical that happens in worship.

    Just tonight I had a girlfriend over and we were blasting worship throughout the house. Her daughters were even worshipping and seeing them have a heart for Jesus and lifting their hands made both of us fall apart.

    My prayer is that we all continue to sing praises to Him and not worry about if we can sing, or who is listening. Thank God for Celebration Church for playing the music so loud that no one can hear one another. Our worship is our cry to the heavens!


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