The Most Asked Relationship Questions – Answered! [Q&A Podcast]

Over the past few years, DailyPS has released a lot of content about relationships. Over the past month we compiled a list of the most asked relationship questions. In this episode of the podcast, husband and wife team (Alex & Alecia) answer these questions!

The Most Asked Relationship Questions

In this episode of the Paradigm Shift Podcast, Alex & Alecia Sanfilippo answer the the most asked relationship questions on DailyPS. Some of the questions answered are also the most asked relationship questions according to Google. Alex wrote a blog post on The Christian Post in respond to Google’s relationship questions, click here to read the article.

The Most Asked Relationship Questions:

#1. Is it okay to date around?

Be proactive! Just like if you’re looking for a job, you don’t just pray that God will give you a job; you fill out applications and you look for a job. You can do the same when it comes to dating! Remember, a date is not a marriage proposal.

#2. Is it okay to date someone who is not a Christian?

I think back to king Solomon; one of the wisest men who ever lived. Yet still he was corrupted by bad company. You are you partner should be equally yoked; meaning that you should have the same belief system. This will make marriage and being parents much easier!

#3. Is it okay to have sex before I’m married?

No, sex before marriage is not a good thing. When you begin to have sex with someone your mind gets clouded with emotions and you begin to make decisions that you most likely would not make if you were not sexually involved.

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#4. What are some character traits I should look for in a significant other?

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  1. Loves God
  2. Loves his/her family
  3. Has solid friendships
  4. Understands how to treat a man/woman
  5. Does not manipulate and is easy going

Make sure it’s someone who’s character matches up with yours.

#5. How to build trust in a relationship?

The first place to start is with the definition of trust. “Believe in the reliability, ability, or strength of.” Believing in someone means letting go of control. That’s where trust begins. You must be willing to be vulnerable and believe that the person you are in relationship has your best interest in mind. Building trust always starts with letting go.

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#6. Where is the best place find someone of quality to date?

Your local church and small groups.

#7. Is there “too fast” in Christian dating?

I do believe you should take time to get to know the person you’re dating but I’ve seen some friends meet and get married within a year and it has been good for them. So I feel that this has to be on a person by person basis. But I definitely recommend making sure that you truly know the person and that you’ve seen them through good times and bad.

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#8. I just got out of a relationship, how long should I be single?

As long as it takes you to heal. Don’t jump into another relationship. Find your identity in God; it takes time and hard work. Learn How to Protect Your Identity.

Was your relationship question answered in the most asked relationship questions above? Comment below if you have another question or feedback!

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