There Is No Way God Made that Happen

Let it go

When we get out of the way and are able to let God operate in the space He is so good at, we learn to let it go. No matter what “it” is, we watch God make things happen.  How many times have you heard, or felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and perhaps the voice of God telling you to do something, but you dismissed it?

I’ll never forget hearing Gods voice command me to let go of someone in my life. It was as if God didn’t care about all that I had gone through.  As if nothing I did for this person was going to be returned to me because they were good deeds. In my mind I wanted to remind God of everything as if He didn’t already know. All the sacrifices I made, all the late night emergencies I was available for and not to mention all of the financial burden I allowed myself to take on.

But God said let it go!  Of course, as I write this and as I had time to reflect on the situation, I now realize God was right (He always is) and knows what is best for me.  Isn’t it funny how what doesn’t make sense to us in the moment, later on down the road, makes sense?

It was as if I let it go overnight. I knew what I had to do, so I just did it…it didn’t feel good, but I did it.

I’ll never forget hearing the crystal clear voice of God telling me to join in partnering with someone who was about to take on a venture in doing the work of Christ outside of the four walls of the church. At first I was like… huh? You want me to help who do what? But as I continued to pray and press in further and deeper, it suddenly became clear to me, what I was suppose to do. I knew what action steps I needed to take, and I took them.

In most cases, being obedient to what God asks of you, is less about you and more about someone else.

Later, I find out that because I was willing to listen and follow the words of God, my actions allowed a young adult to fulfill one of their dreams.  If I weren’t willing to listen to God and do exactly what He told me to do, the pieces of the puzzle would not have fell into place.

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What I have on this earth, is not mine to hold onto, so it’s easy to let it go.

And yet another time, God told me to give a monetary contribution to an individual, but did not tell me the purpose. I questioned it at first, as I do most things, but many times I have to put those questions in check.  It’s not always for us to know the details. What I did know, is once I found peace in the amount and once I handed over the contribution, I had peace in knowing it was going to serve a purpose. Come to find out, that amount was exactly what was needed to allow someone the opportunity to go on a mission trip.  And when I say “EXACT,” I mean exact!

Don’t miss the moments that God is counting on you for, just so you can stay in your comfort zone. Let it go.

Be brave – God is calling you to do something that only your bravery can handle.

Believe in his word – The word of the Lord is true and there is nothing that can shake it from its foundation.

Hold fast to your faith – Your faith and believing in what is true is going to keep you holding on and never letting go.

Have courage – There is another person in this world who is like you still have the courage to be you and to always be you no matter what

Written by Virginia A. DePratter

I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than to stand with the world and be judged by God. My mission in life is to help others see their full potential and help people maximize their talents.

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