Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart Not Your Own Understanding

Trust in The LORD

Trust in The Lord, it does not say, trust in your job, trust in your family, trust in your money or income level.  Nothing about trust in your friends, trust in your 401 k, trust in your status, trust in your image.  It does not matter what kind of clothes you wear, what kind of car you drive, house you live in, trust in your righteousness, trust in your pastor, trust in how much ministry you have done.  Don’t trust in your possessions, trust in your spouse or significant other, trust in your accomplishments or life’s work.

I could go on but you get the point by now. Its sounds silly to read, but if we are honest with ourselves, on any given day, these are the things that we trust in. Trust in for what? For the direction, the priority, the paths we take and for the source of our lives.

Now do not get me wrong all of these things are good and are God given gifts of this Life. Many are worthy of our time and devotion. But if any of these things become what we have the most trust in or become that which we derive our identity from, they become idols. That which we worship affects our hearts and souls; and directs that path of our lives.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

This was really a gut check for me personally. As I deepened my commitment to Jesus, I realized there were ways in which I lived that God was calling me to lay down. What are you holding on to? What do you love most in this life? Is it your spouse, your success or your children? Do you love Him with everything you are; with “all your heart”; really?  If you are at all like me, then you don’t… Not really. Maybe you could pray a prayer of honesty to God, and ask for HIS help that you would love him in the way He wants to be loved, with all our hearts, even on a Monday when the thing you want most is Friday at 5:30.

Lean not on your own understanding

In my own life, I have come to see that the times I lean on my own understanding and wisdom, I just plain screw things up, I hurt feelings, I make messes of relationships, I fail to follow Jesus, and much, much worse. When I try to be in control of my life, it all goes south very quick. But the times I choose to lean in to God, and seek His guidance, everything seems to work out. But beyond that, looking back I see the Hand of God at work, moving and weaving His Kingdom into this world.

To all you realists out there, I challenge you to try it. Next time you fight with your spouse, or the kids break something, just say a quick prayer and remain open to a response. Do it. Then watch. When we get consistent with this one point, all of sudden our souls and characters are a million miles past where they used to only hope they could one day be.

If this is too ‘spiritual’ for you, next time you are in a tough spot and don’t know what to do, seek the advice of someone you know who loves Jesus. God’s wisdom can often be found in your brothers and sisters in Christ. Let that be your start.

Written by Joshua Delp

Follower of Jesus, encourager, and seeker of Truth. Currently residing in Sydney Australia pursuing Pastoral Leadership as a student at Hillsong International Leadership College.

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