The Truth Sets the Captive Free

Most of us know deep down, that there is more to life. We know that we are meant to be more than we are. Lies bring death. Truth gives life.

The Truth Sets the Captive Free

In John 10:10 NLT Jesus declared that, “The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” I don’t know what life to the full means, but if Jesus is offering it, I want it. That’s the truth!

Lies bring death. Truth gives life.

Most of us know deep down, that there is more to life. We know that we are meant to be more than we are. Most of us may not even be aware of it all the time but we know we are not all we can be and we don’t know why we can’t get there. I say this more and more often, “We never raise above the level of our belief.” In other words, what we believe determines are experience of life. What we believe about life, about ourselves, about others, about the world around us, and most importantly about God determines our lives.

There is a phenomenal concept in cultural studies/sociology called worldview. It can be defined as a culturally structured set of assumptions.  These can include values, commitments and allegiances. Underlying how people perceive and respond to reality. I love that word assumptions. In my mind, it is synonymous with beliefs.

Wisdom: Wrong assumptions = wrong results.

For instance, if you believe you can fly and the truth of gravity says you cannot, jumping off a cliff without a parachute means death. Perhaps even worse, if you believe you cannot fly, when you were made to soar, you will never leave the ground.

Herein lies the method of the enemy. If he can get you to believe a lie (faulty assumptions/beliefs) about yourself, about others, about the world and about God, you will never become all God has called you to be.

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As followers of Jesus, our redemption from sin, removes the devils control over our lives. So how does he keep God’s people in bondage, sometimes all their lives? He gets them to believe lies. He helps shape worldviews that are not in line with the Truth of God. This strategy has been remarkably effective. And it’s time its stopped in your life. What is the antidote to the bondage of lies? Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

God’s Truth

By Gods’ grace and the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, ask Him to reveal what lies you believe about yourself. The lies that are not in line with the truth of His Word. As His Light shines in the darkness, it will burn away the bondage of lies with the Truth of Freedom.

Become a seeker of the truth. Want truth more than you want money. Want freedom more than you want success. Get wisdom and revelation above status and possession. Cry out to God for freedom. Fight the pull of the world and the godless cultures around us. Become a student of God’s Word, hungry for His Light.

One day very soon, you will be free and like Plato’s Allegory of The Cave, you will then venture back in to the darkness to set the other captives free.

What lies have you believed about yourself and what truth has God revealed to you about those lies?

Written by Joshua Delp

Follower of Jesus, encourager, and seeker of Truth. Currently residing in Sydney Australia pursuing Pastoral Leadership as a student at Hillsong International Leadership College.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Sets the Captive Free

  1. So good, Josh! The Lord has recently been revealing to me some lies that I have been believing that have been holding me back. This served as affirmation for me to press in and fight for the truth! Thank you!

  2. “Most of us know deep down, that there is more to life. We know that we are meant to be more than we are. ” – This is so true man. We get so caught up in the rhythm of this world that we forget that our belief and relationship with God has called us to so much more. Thanks for this word today bro!

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