The Responsibility of Being Unique

Being Unique

One of the definitions of relationship is “the way in which two entities regard each other“. Our relationship with God is a unique pleasure. Allowing God into our lives enables us to behold Him and enjoy knowing Him.

The thing is, God is so infinite that no one human can ever behold all aspects of His being. It would be like trying to view all the sides of a sphere at the same time, including the inside. It’s impossible to see all the aspects of God from one vantage. All aspects of God deserve admiration and love.

When we marry another human, we marry another finite being. It is a one-to-one marriage. We are finite beings designed with capability to both appreciate and meet the needs of another finite human. But God is far too infinite to be beholden to any one finite individual.

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Hence why God created so many of us to form a body. Each part of that body enjoying a unique vantage point of God’s character to love.

Yes, each person is indeed shown a relationship of God with an underlying commonality that is like that of all others of His followers (grace, love, servitude, obedience, etc.). But each is also shown a unique aspect of God; understood by no one else. A vantage of His character that is in line with our unique makeup as He made us.

While both the eye and finger share a collective understanding of being part of a body (both fed by blood and both understand electrical impulses drive their movements for example), they also have a unique understanding that is unexplainable to the other. How can an eye explain sight to a finger and how could a finger explain the nuances of touch to an eye?

So, it is with our relationship with God.

We each are beholden to a “highlighting” of an attribute of God that, through our makeup and personal journey that God guides, we come to know to a deeper and more intimate level than others. It may be certain aspects of strength, patience, long-suffering, triumph, love, grace, tenderness, etc. as examples of unique vantages we come to know the character of God in our personal and individual walks. It’s a blessing to know God in each of our unique ways. But it’s also a responsibility, and a purpose.

Every single one of the infinite unique aspects of God deserves admiration, praise, and love. It is your job to minister to God in your unique capacity. More than a pleasure, a job. If you don’t, no one else will. No one else *can*: your position is unique and purposed for you.

You were created as a specific identity on a specific path, to fulfill a specific role, of understanding God from a unique vantage that no one else knows.

This is all to say, appreciate who you are, and view who you are as a responsibility. God made you to know and understand a unique side of Him, set apart for you and only you. Love Him through the lens of who you were created to be.

God has created you to minister to Him through your specific identity He has given you. Your praise carries with it an understanding of Him. A signature that satisfies a part of Him none other ever will. And likewise, from Zephaniah 3:17 NIV we can know that God sings a unique praise over you with a composition and style He doesn’t share with anyone else. An understanding that only you share.

How are you expressing love within your unique identity? Comment below!

Written by Jesse Hunter

Blessed to be married for five years to the most wonderful wife Jenna and father of two rambunctious toddlers. Passioniate about helping build stronger marriages, exposing false doctrine lovingly through study, and empowering the body of believers to be victorious throughout their walk in life.

2 thoughts on “The Responsibility of Being Unique

  1. Perfect timing Jesse. God made us all different and planted different seeds “qualities” in us all. Do not waste time on comparison, or worry. God has a purpose for all of our relationships!!

    “Every single one of the infinite unique aspects of God deserves admiration, praise, and love. It is your job to minister to God in your unique capacity.”

  2. Great word today Jesse! For me, God has made me great at organizing things, I need to remember to express love to God by giving Him the glory for my abilities in the business world, not get prideful. Very simple point here for me today… Thanks for the post!

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