Unity in The Body of Christ [Podcast]

The body of Christ, as a whole, has a problem. We're not unified! Right now it's denomination vs denomination; who's right vs who's wrong? If we want to begin to see unity in the body of Christ; it's going to start with us!

Unity In The Body of Christ

In this episode of the Paradigm Shift Podcast Alex Sanfilippo Interviews Jamie Puckett. Jamie is a teach, baseball coach and local church leader. Alex and Jamie discuss the topic of unity in the body of Christ. We’ve found that it is often lacking when crossing through different denominations. Here is our conversation.

‘Unity in The Body of Christ’ Episode Notes:

#1. Do you feel like the body of Christ unity?

No. We all have our own ways of wanting to do things. That’s where there are so many different denomination of churches. We’re all really separated; we do things so different. No “type” of church is getting it completely right. Everybody is a little bit right.

#2. What can we be doing differently?

We need to all get together and talk about the same things. Unity in the body of Christ starts with us talking and getting our ideas together. Measure everything against the Bible. It would change things, people wouldn’t be as separated.

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#3. What has this looked like practically in your life?

It starts with something as simple as never turning down a “hangout.” No matter who someone is or what they believe, I always want to hang out with them. I want to introduce people to what I believe. If you separate yourself from people who are different than you, you won’t be able to influence them to see how you follow Jesus.

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#4. Do you have any final thoughts?

With unity comes victory. If we want to be victorious in our journey to sharing Jesus, we have to unify as a church body.

Question for our listeners: How do you build community in the body of Christ?

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