What Does Your Passion Say About You?

Being a person of passion can lead you to both good and bad things. But being passionate about God will lead you to discovering your purpose in life.

What Does Your Passion Say About You

A passion can be called a hobby. It is something that interests you; it is something that you love; it’s something that makes you happy and fulfilled. Your passion can be very time consuming but most of the time you don’t mind because you love what you do! Nothing can distract you when you are passionate about something.

Is There A Good Or A Bad Passion?

Being passionate, however, becomes a challenge when it comes to this – does it bring any good or bad? Also, can it be possible to be passionate about something and yet not do it often? Does being passionate mean always on fire, or are there times that you’re not feeling it?

There are different ways to see passion. As I mentioned above, it makes you happy; it makes you fulfilled. And yet, we must never dismiss the fact that not all that we love to do is good for us in the long run. It can cause us to stumble later on or, worse, tear our lives apart.

I am referring to being passionate about collecting new bags, for example. Every month you go out of your way to buy branded stuff, swiping your credit card to get it, and ending up in heaps of debt later on. No matter the cost, it doesn’t matter, because you’re just passionate about bags. Another example is being passionate about traveling. Traveling is good while you’re young, and yet you haven’t saved anything for your retirement.

No, there is nothing wrong with traveling often nor buying bags or other items you like as long as you have the means. However, it will create a dent in our spiritual relationship with God if they become our top priority. Why? It says in the Scripture that wherever we put our money, time, and attention on, there our hearts will be. We also have to be wary about putting idols next to God or higher than Him.

Being Passionate About God

If there is one thing that we should all be passionate about, it is God. Because that is our only purpose in this world and why we’re all called by Him – to do it all for His glory. How? By doing what would please Him and not this world. By responding to the purposes that He has called us out, and by sharing the Good News to every person in this world.

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Yes, the Bible is right by saying that there’s plenty to harvest, but only a few laborers are available. The passion for serving Christ and His Kingdom isn’t there, unfortunately. There are some of us who have lukewarm faith, which the Scripture has clearly stated as a sin. It’s either we are on fire for God or against God. There is no in-between or a gray area. It’s black or white, heaven or hell, God or satan. There are those who have fallen out. Some are still too scared to take that big leap of faith, while others would prefer to go with the flow attending church services as a part of a weekly routine.

However, when we say we’re in, we say we’re in. When God says do this, we go do it. When we serve, we serve with all our hearts. When we say we love God, we love Him passionately. When we pursue what we’re passionate about, we never stop doing it. Why? It is this drive to do something with all our hearts that will keep the flame of faith and love for God burning. And there is no greater passion in this world that is more fulfilling than being passionate for God and God alone.

Our passion is our purpose. Make it God and nothing else. Do it not for the reward we will get in eternity, but do it because God deserves to have our very best when He gave you and me a second chance to live life in eternity. Thus, we owe Him our lives and everything in it.

Question from Christine Lailani Ginete - Rome, the author.

What do you believe your passions say about you?

Written by Christine Lailani Ginete - Rome

A Bulaneña, a Sorsogueña, a Bicolana, and a Filipina. She is a devoted Christian, a faithful wife, a prayer warrior, a teacher, a writer, a hobbyist, and an advocate. On a deeper level, you'll find her as a believer who's imperfect but driven to encourage everyone to be a catalyst for social change and serve others through God's grace, guidance, and prayers. She is nothing without GOD and she serves Him first. Not to us, but to His Name be all the GLORY. "I am confident that the good work that God has begun in me will be perfected." - Philippians 1:6

3 thoughts on “What Does Your Passion Say About You?

  1. I’ve found that most people’s passions are in fact their hobbies. Consistency is what separates the two. Your passions aren’t always exciting, but you’ve always have to stay true to them!

  2. Wonderful post! My quiet times with God each morning ignite my passion for Him. Reading God’s word,praying, and praising are the fuel for the fire.

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