What is Love?

what is love

What Is Love?

Love is the defining emotion of our lives. We are enamored by love, but why? This week, I’m going to continue my ‘Letters From God’ series with the discussion of love, and a writer who is frustrated with Love. For those curious, I am not able to respond as God would; in fact I’m quite sure God would do infinitely better than myself. I am responding with the help of the Holy Spirit, as I think God would reply, based on my understanding of the Bible and modern theology. Writing this way helps me to articulate myself to you, the reader, more effectively… Plus I love a good old fashioned letter. Enjoy!

“Dear God,
I love you so much. I love you with all my heart, everything I have, my entire soul. I am so thankful for all you have done in my life. But, God, there is something on my heart that I must confess to you – because I am feeling quite badly about this.
God, I want to meet my wife. I long to have a woman to treat well, that adores me. I am tired of being alone, doing this life alone – I want the ecstasy of love, the infatuation that only a beautiful woman can cause.
Why, God, am I single? Why am I having so much trouble finding the right one for me?

My boy! I am so proud of you, and what you are doing. You are a good man, rapidly approaching the vision I have for you. I just want you to know that I have you, this very moment, in my hands. I am working things for your good. Please know that.
Michael, I am in its’ purest form, love. You see, I am the embodiment of love. I created love, and there is nothing but love within Me. When I created you, I created you in my image; and in doing so I imparted the great emotion of Love within you. You see, your capacity for love is actually the greatest gift I have given you – the ability to freely choose to love people, animals, and to love Me.
Deep down your soul longs to be with me. Your soul misses me, and the love it receives by being with me. I have given you the free will to choose love on Earth, every time you fall in love with another; your soul is experiencing a small taste of what it will be like when you reunite with me, in heaven. That is where the “cloud 9” feeling comes from, and that my son, is why you are infatuated with love. What you feel while in love is a small taste of heaven, and your soul delights in it.
Because your soul so longs for love, our enemy often uses love more than any other emotion to hurt you. He knows that he can use love to hurt you, and his goal is to use love as a tool to make your soul become jaded and spiteful. You must not allow this to happen, as this will damage you. There will be times when love hurts, times when you want to cease to love. However, you must embrace love, and understand that pain is only temporary, while love (like myself) is eternal.
Michael, keep fighting the good fight. If you knew the plans I had for you, you would be celebrating. Keep your soul attached to mine, keep finding me, and you will find love on the Earth.

Your Loving Father

Written by Stuart Luck

Extraordinary - this was the title of the sermon that got me saved, is my personal benchmark, and is the core of all of my blogs. God took me, a wretched sinner with no promise of a future, and put on my heart a gift and a passion for writing and inspiring others; my goal is to use my writing to inspire you, my readers, to live the extraordinary and zealous life that God has set before you.

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