Why Christians Need Space to Focus on the Basics with God

As Christians, we need to prioritize time with God. A space to think and grow deeper with Him. Here are the basics for connecting with God.

Why Christians Need Space to Focus on the Basics with God

Do you ever find your thoughts wandering? Moments where you try to sit with God when you try to do your due diligence as a Christian, yet the noise and clutter around are too loud. I’ve been having this problem lately. When I do have a moment of silence to sit with God, I can’t focus. I am too distracted.

In my defense, my life has gotten very exciting recently. I have a new job, new trips to plan, a great community around me, all of which I’m very thankful for. Life feels like it’s moving forward for a moment. Of course, that shouldn’t be a reason to be distracted from my time with God. In fact, you’d think that it would draw me closer. The fact is the exact opposite has happened. My relationship with God has become a sort of “pencil you in when I can” situation instead of a fully committed daily practice.

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I can easily see where so many people begin to put God on the back burner. I see why it becomes difficult for people with families and major responsibilities to only go to church on Sunday,  or once or twice a month, or even less – once or twice a year because it’s easy to get distracted by life’s day today. However, I believe it’s vital to remember who we are talking about here. We are talking about God, creator of the universe.

God is not like us, limited by our own abilities, God is truly capable of giving and fulfilling us with any blessing our hearts could ever long for, but God wants to be involved.

God is in the business of relationships, and he will invest in you as much as you invest in Him.

God’s love is abundant, his grace unfailing, but when it comes to our fulfillment, that falls on our shoulders. In moments like these where I feel as though I can’t hear God the way I used to, moments where my car rides to work, are my only true moments of uninterrupted prayer. I need to give myself the gentle reminder to go back to my basics. The basics to any interaction, I need to go back to finding the balance in our relationship.

Basics 101:


The first step to any relationship is getting to know them. Talk to God, ask for those reminders of His character to show up in your life. Know what God’s voice sounds like by reading His word. Those, after all, are his letters to us. Remember that conversation needs time for response. Allow for moments of silence in between your prayers and God talks, to let God speak back. Allow Him to be present.

Spend time together.

Just as you spend time with the people you care about, treat God the same. Dedicate more than an hour each week. Find a spot in the morning to sit or in the evenings to meditate on the day. Find those moments of stillness to allow yourself to be grateful.

Share in the love.

God loves us so much. It’s truly overwhelming when you experience it first hand, but a relationship without that returned affection, if our out-put, is empty. So remember to say it back.

It’s a juggling act balanced between our relationship with God, dedicated time to Him, and real-life responsibilities, all of course while remaining humble and grateful to the blessings that we already have. It’s not easy by any means to keep balance, but it’s worth it because a relationship with God is worth it.

Question from Kat Ortiz, the author.

How can you create space for intentionally growing closer to God today?

Written by Kat Ortiz

I love Jesus, traveling, and finding life's simple joys. Life is better spent enjoying God's splendor than dwelling on our misfortunes. Everything that I write is a little gift from my experiences. I want to bring inspiration and encouragement in hopes of brightening your day just a bit.

3 thoughts on “Why Christians Need Space to Focus on the Basics with God

  1. Wow, “I can easily see where so many people begin to put God on the back burner.” Isn’t it crazy when God blesses us with the things we ask for, we forget who made those things possible? That’s awesome Kat. Coming out of Awakening, this is great, we have to get back to basics just like you said!

  2. Kat, I’m right there with you with it being difficult to focus… I’m working on it, not there yet though! This is very helpful for me today. Thank you for the post!

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