Why Do I Love Mornings?

Why do I love mornings? I love the silence in these wee hours of the morning. I can talk to God like He is my best friend. I can feel His warm embrace...

Why Do I Love Mornings

I love mornings and waking up before the crack of dawn when the world is still sleeping. It’s like I’m the only one awake during these hours. The quiet moments when no one disturbs me spending time with God. I’m able to do my devotional and write in my gratitude journal peacefully. Nothing can tap this moment!

I love the silence in these wee hours of the morning.

I can talk to God like He is my best friend and feel His warm embrace. It’s like a daughter is talking to her dear father in a heart-to-heart way. Or a child climbing onto His Daddy’s lap and burrowing his chest into Him. Running to Him when life gets tough because only by His grace and reassuring love that I keep going. Crying my heart out to Him. I can tell Him my worries and fears.

I can share even my joys and happiness with God and I can dream a thousand dreams. Yes, mornings make me fill my heart with beautiful feelings. Offering the first part of my day to my maker assures me that He will take care of me. He reminds me that He is in control of everything that would transpire through my day.

What are the simple things I am grateful for each morning?

I love the beauty of daybreak. I really do, and I feel so refreshed. Loving the breath of fresh and crisp air caressing my cheek, the clear blue skies that make me in awe, and the gorgeous sunrise that inspires me through the day. Such a magnificent creation of God- the sun, sky, and the wind. Thank you, heavenly Father, for all these marvelous gifts!

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I learned to pray for others. Saying a silent prayer even for the strangers I see on the road while on my way to work during these rush hours. Praying for their safety and blessings to come their way. I feel delighted seeing the beaming faces of the security guards, co-workers and office-mates as we greet each other “good morning.”

Each morning is a gift to live, to love, and to learn.

I love the beauty of being alive. Every morning is an undeniably amazing gift from heaven. It signifies a brand-new day and brings new hope, inspirations, and appreciation.  It feels good to live another day and to be grateful for the strength of mind and body for me and my loved ones, to take delight in simple little things.

To sing more of my favorite songs while taking a shower, smile and laugh louder than yesterday, be more loving and forgiving (life is too short), write another poem and enjoy another cup of coffee. A quick read of an inspiring article or a few pages of an enjoyable book, complete the unfinished tasks at work, take some baby steps in pursuing my passion and discovering my real purpose, and how I can best love the world.

To live, to love and to learn. To be a ray of sunshine to others. Glorify God in my own little way. And a lot of lovely things I can think of and do. Oh yes, a lot of wonderful things to be thankful for. Thank you for the gift of the first light or a new dawn in each passing day. And every good thing it brings!

What are the blessings unfolding each morning?

True enough, there are endless possibilities. God’s abounding graces and mercies are new every morning. There are countless blessings waiting to be claimed by me and you in God’s universe. We only need to open our eyes and heart, and feel the love, yes feel the love from Him each morning, each day.

How about you my dear friends, what do you love about mornings?

Written by Wilma Hernandez

I am a child of God. I love life. I am passionate in writing about love and life. I'd like to be a ray of sunshine to others. I believe life is such a beautiful journey that needs to be told through beautifully written words.

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  1. Great post, Wilma! I’m not naturally a morning person. But I have been becoming more disciplined and I now take up at 6:00 PM every day – In the office just over an hour later. I’ve learned to enjoy watching the sun rise!

    Cool post. Thanks again Wilma. 🙂

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