Why Does Faith In God Make No Sense?

We need to be fully aware that God is a being that a finite mind cannot perceive. So how do we have faith in God?

Faith in God and The truth is God.

It does not take a school qualification to understand faith or the notion of believing in God. Zero qualifications is required to realise that sometimes believing in God makes no sense. It is not up to philosophers or atheists to question the legitimacy of God’s existence or acquire knowledge about the roots of the Christian faith; everyone should do that. Everyone has the right to the truth and the full truth. Truth to the human mind exceeds knowledge and is categorically a road map that leads us home. Truth to a human heart transcends feelings and emotions and creates shelter for a heart to rest. What is the truth? The truth is God.

We have the privilege to know the truth only when we ask questions. Many shy away to questions and many fear to ask questions. The principle is that we do not know because we do not ask, and if we do not ask, we will not know. Hope lies in the fact that wherever there is a question, it means there is an answer. Now, how many of us have read the bible and realised it makes no sense? Or how many of us have heard about God and figured it was hard to understand?

God vs Understanding

We need to be fully aware that God is a being that a finite mind cannot perceive. God is engulfed with metaphysic oomph, supreme above all existing things; all things exist through God; nothing exists, not through God. There is one thing which all things exist through, and this one thing exists through itself, and that is God. That makes God supremely great above all existing things.

If our quest is to know God, we need the correct tools that serve us with the right convictions and a greater understanding of God’s existence. As a science, philosophy, noble as it is, is only driven by the aspiration to extract the core truth about the existence of all matters, including God. Philosophy and other sciences can only go as far as feeding human reasoning, but one other tool facilitates us beyond reasoning. Making sense of God and making sense of Faith in God goes all the way to revelation.

Faith in God. How it starts..

Understanding God and Faithing in God starts with the human mind. The human mind collects information and adequate evidence about God. The bible is not merely a history book but a written testimony as adequate evidence that builds an element called faith in our hearts and minds. “Faith comes by hearing, and by hearing the word of God,” it is at this stage that our human minds start to choose its conviction, this conviction then moves to the human heart as ‘confidence of the heart’ and this confidence and conviction is seen through conducts and conducts is what we call faith. Faith in God and understanding of God reside in the human heart and mind.

Obtaining knowledge about God begins with the human will. The bible defines ‘Faith in God’ as ‘trust in God.’ Human trust is led by the human will to know about God and willingness to accept and commit to the fact that there is a God.

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However, It takes more than reading a bible or listening to a sermon to understand God. It requires more than praying or going to church to have Faith in God. Also, let us not underestimate the influence of church attendance, bible reading, and prayers. There is one vital element that facilitates the knowledge about God and Faith in God. This one element is the Holy Spirit.

The human understanding of God sought through intellectual exploration contributes to Faith in God but does not sustain Faith in God. Human understanding alone is not enough to power our trust in God because God is a being that cannot be understood by a limited human mind. God does not make it difficult for us to encounter God, but He enables us to perceive Him through understanding and creation. God allows us to perceive Him through understanding and creation because anything that exists in understanding must exist in reality. God’s existence is seen through the phenomenon of creation, and God’s meekness of the heart is demonstrated by those who chose to be morally just and rational.

Why does Faith in God make no sense to some people? Who is to blame: The preacher? Or the person who hears it? Or God entirely? These are not questions for only the so-called ‘sinners’ or ‘unbelievers’ those questions concern even those in Faith with God. It is time we start asking questions nobody is asking or asking questions everybody else is obscure to ask.

Why do things about God make no sense?
Does Faith in God make any sense?
Why are people not trusting God?
Do other people find Christianity incomprehensible?


So, is understanding God and having Faith in God influenced by the human will? Or is God also involved in the process of understanding and having Faith in Him? The answer to both questions is Yes! As much as we have the choice to choose God; also, God allows us to know Him and trust Him. Without God facilitating us to know Him, then we would not know Him or even trust Him. God involves himself in our trust in Him; through this process, He then installs the truth about Himself in our minds and hearts, that truth becomes the very conviction our hearts and minds commit to.

Evangelising about God, preaching, and telling people about God is not enough. Forcing people to know God, praying more to feel God, and Bible-bashing people to believe in God is not enough. The human will or choice to choose God is not enough; the human desire to seek God’s more in-depth knowledge is not enough. Nevertheless, by the Holy Spirit’s assistance, we then understand God, firm our faith/beliefs/trust in God, and understand God in depth.

The agent

Holy spirit:

King David says this in the Psalms, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘there is no God’…” (Psalms 14:1). No need to disagree with a fool because anything that exists without the Holy Spirit’s help is folly. God does not play Hide & Seek with humanity; in fact, God prides Himself in how He continually reveals Himself to humanity. The Holy Spirit reveals to people about God. More than a Philosophical discovery, the Holy Spirit brings greater revelation about divinity. It convicts us to believe in the supreme being above all, meaning that there is no greater than God.

The Holy Spirit reveals to us God’s divine benevolence toward us; God’s promises for us. It reveals to our minds the truth about God and seals this truth in our hearts. Anything that exists in our consciousness or understanding about God that which the Holy Spirit has whispered, then that very thing must exist in reality. With the Holy Spirit’s help, people believe/trust/faith in God, and without the Holy Spirit, Faith in God is folly.

Question from Marc Bope, the author.

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Written by Marc Bope

Follower of Christ. Living in Adelaide South Australia. I love sharing my story and my experience through writing.

5 thoughts on “Why Does Faith In God Make No Sense?

  1. “As much as we have the choice to choose God; also, God allows us to know Him and trust Him.”
    What a beautiful read. We serve Father that is ever present and one who would do anything so we can be next to him when upon his return. Thank you for sharing!

  2. In our humanity it is obvious that something is missing. “Only the fool says there is no God.” God is everywhere. Loving us before we loved Him. That still small voice, the Holy Spirit, nudging us towards the Almighty.
    Thank you for this post!

  3. This is such a powerful post. My faith has been growing more this year due to everything going on around us. I had a conversation with someone yesterday who challenged me… this post would have helped, but I’m glad I’ve read it now! Thank you.

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