Why It’s Time to Stop Speaking Negatively About the Church

Less people are Christians than ever before. To make matters worse, we're starting to turn on each other by speaking negatively about the church.

Why It's Time to Stop Speaking Negatively About the Church

More and more we’ve noticed people speaking negatively about the church. Not just people who are not believers, but also people who came to be Christians. In this episode of the Good Christian Podcast, Alex Sanfilippo covers a very controversial topic among Christians.

Alex wrote an entire blog post on this same topic, here it is: Christians Who Talk Bad About the Church Are Making a Huge Mistake

It’s time for us to begin speaking life about the church and in the church. We can no longer speak negatively about the churches we attend or the Christian church as a whole. It’s time to make a change! Statistics are showing that less people are claiming to be Christians than ever before. If this is true, the church is our primary hope for turning this around and leading people to Christ. Speaking poorly about it is a huge mistake and needs to be addressed.

Listen to Why It’s Time to Stop Speaking Negatively About the Church:

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • A real life example of a Christian speaking negatively about the church and why it did more harm than bargained for.
  • Three things that happen when we speak negatively about the church.
  • How we can begin being more positive about the church in general and why this needs to start happening immediately.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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Instead of speaking negatively about the church, how can we build it up?

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One thought on “Why It’s Time to Stop Speaking Negatively About the Church

  1. I believe in everything Alex said I recently had a moment this past week , almost like a ahha moment and I was about to tell a girl who I didn’t know at the time was struggling with some different things that a church I had gone to a while back just had a really big tragedy that I realized looked bad on the Church. And I happened to catch myself and not say anything bad about this to find out a thing the church was dealing with she was to and I’m glad I didn’t. So I can relate to the fact saying things about one body of Christ even if not on purpose could possibly hurt another person who needs help and could lead them away from Christ. I think in general as a Christian we should think about what we will say (if it includes the church ) before we say because something as simple as I seen her staring at the clock could make someone think bad about the people who attend so the church.

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