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The future generations need good leaders as much as they need mentors. Are we setting a good example when it comes to leadership?

Why Put an Emphasis on Leadership

Leadership is important in any organization. And we attribute the success much to how the leaders have performed. Society teaches us to view leaders as a separate entity to that of their constituents. But what if we place it the other way around? How about we put the people as the ones who have the holding power to mobilize an organization towards a greater good by selecting the kind of leader that will satisfy that purpose? An uprising is a society’s expression of discontent with a certain governance. In this case, is the society to blame for putting up the wrong leaders? Or is it really God who appointed those leaders?

All About the Leaders of Today and the Leaders of Tomorrow

Choosing Wisely

In many countries, any citizen has the freedom to vote. This is the will of the people. But God’s will is also at play. And that play of wills is the result of the election.

But if everything in the election is fair and square, can we call it all God’s will? What if the enemy’s attacks have a part in it, too, by creating anomalies in the counting of votes, for example? In other words, how can we really say if a certain leader was elected due to God’s will or he/she was elected through the efforts of the constituents?

Or better yet, why would God allow a “bad leader,” according to our own judgment, to hold office?

First, God never allows the enemy to win. Second, we have no right to judge others based on our impressions of them and their actions. Third, the appointed leaders have a role in the current government whether they turn out to be a failure or a success. Ultimately, God deems leadership He puts in place fit for fulfilling His plans.

Spirit-Led Decisions

We have an all-knowing God. And it is not our place to know His plans in the future. Yet all we can do is to seek for His counsel to make the right decisions. Our chosen leaders may or may not win the candidacy. But we can fully trust that God allows things to happen as a part of His bigger plans.

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If we allow the Spirit to be with us in the decision-making process, He will be the one to make an imprint about the steps and necessary actions that we need to take. It may not exactly be about a specific candidate per se, but it could be about a pressing issue, a certain advocacy, a particular group of people, etc., all leading towards making that certain choice.

What If God Called You To Lead?

The calling to leadership in an institution, a government office, a corporation, or even in school may come as daunting. The responsibilities and challenges weigh heavy, and yet for those who were called to lead, the Spirit will be the one to give the “tugging” if it is the right time and if it is according to God’s will. Wisdom, in this case, will require counsel from elders of the church, family members, mentors in the industry. But the final decision will come from you alone through personal and quiet time with God.

Why Do We Need Leaders?

We need more leaders now who will step up and be bold in the places where they were called to lead. The future generations need not just a salt and light but, more importantly, leaders who will be mentors in starting a change no matter how slow it may be. God called these leaders to start the shift just as David was called to face Goliath and all other messengers of Christ were called to stand up and heed God’s calling to lead.

“Remember your leaders who taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and follow the example of their faith.” – Hebrews 13:7

Question from Christine Lailani Ginete - Rome, the author.

Are you setting a good example as a leader?

Written by Christine Lailani Ginete - Rome

A Bulaneña, a Sorsogueña, a Bicolana, and a Filipina. She is a devoted Christian, a faithful wife, a prayer warrior, a teacher, a writer, a hobbyist, and an advocate. On a deeper level, you'll find her as a believer who's imperfect but driven to encourage everyone to be a catalyst for social change and serve others through God's grace, guidance, and prayers. She is nothing without GOD and she serves Him first. Not to us, but to His Name be all the GLORY. "I am confident that the good work that God has begun in me will be perfected." - Philippians 1:6

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    “The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you…Philippians 4:9

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